• Was just thinking about how ten years ago in August 2006 I recorded some of my favorite songs…

    It kicked off that first weekend. It was the start of a long weekend and I came back to the studio after getting my eat on at Scarborough’s Ribfest. I started working on a track called “Defy the Odds”. The final version features my man Mac Graham singing the chorus, but in the studio I was doing a rough job and sung the hook myself – glad that one didn’t make it out haha. We ended up being awarded a MuchFact grant for the track which meant we were able to make a professional broadcast quality video. Teamed up with my man Kunle and was great to see it play on Rapcity and Much!

    I worked on another song the next day after coming back from Caribana. I had a new Slakah beat and loved it as soon as I heard it. Reminded me a little of Kanye’s “Heardem Say”. I called it “Young Brother”. I started singing the hook to this one too, but thankfully Jason Simmons came and changed things around. He did a great job. A few months later and the song was in heavy rotation on Flow. It even ended up one of the top songs on the radio that year.

    The final standout track from the month happened by accident. I was falling asleep on the couch in the lounge in the studio. Slakah came out and said how he had a new beat. I woke up, checked it out, and was digging it. I started scribbling some rhymes and recorded them. Didn’t think much of it. But the next day we were like “This is dope!” We called it “Get Free”. It was one of the first releases we did as Art of Fresh and has been a favorite to this day!

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